Ontario: statutory limitation periods apply to will challenges

Justice DiTomaso’s decision in Taylor-Reid v. Taylor is another that cites Leibel for the principle that will challenges are subject to the basic limitation period.  The issue is gradually becoming settled.  These are the relevant paragraphs:

[106]      Even if Andrea could demonstrate a genuine issue for trial based on evidence of actual “physical damage” and/or that services were actually performed pursuant to an actual agreement, Andrea is statute barred from commencing a claim against the Estate pursuant to s. 4 of the Limitations Act, 2002 and the case of Leibel v. Leibel.

[107]      In the case of Leibel v. Leibel, the court determined that, in a Will challenge, the limitation period commences on the date of death, being September 22, 2011.  This, however, is subject to the discoverability rule outlined in s. 5 of theLimitations Act, 2002.  In Leibel v. Leibel, the Plaintiff (Will challenger) was found to have discovered the claim within 60 days of the date of death and, since the claim was commenced outside of the two year limitation period, it was statute barred.