Ontario: Stopping time when adding a new claim to a proceeding


A limitations practice tip—when amending a pleading to add a new claim, it’s the filing of the motion record that stops time running, not service of the motion record.  Master Albert recently made this point in Becerra v. Ronchin:


41)  The limitations clock does not stop running until a proceeding is launched. In the case of a motion to amend a pleading, the proceeding is launched either when the motion record is served (arguably) or more correctly when the motion record is filed with the court.  This is akin to the issuance of an action or application stopping the limitations clock where a plaintiff is launching a fresh proceeding. Service of an intention to issue a proceeding prior to issuance does not initiate the proceeding. Similarly, service of a notice of motion together with a without prejudice letter and without a motion record does not constitute the launching of a proceeding to amend a pleading in an existing action.